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Yearly Blossoming Romduol Picture Contest

In celebration of our re-opening, every year on August 8 we held our Blossoming Romduol Picture Contest, during which the best pictures of the past year taken with or by our guests will be selected. For the contest we have three categories: happiness, fun and reflection. For each category together with our friends on Facebook, Google+ and other social media we will select the respective year’s winner.

Each winner will receive a truly special award, which he/she with partner (two people), or instead two of his/her friends or two of his/her family, can collect with us while enjoying a three-day all-inclusive stay in one of Blossoming Romduol’s VIP rooms. Please note that contest rules and regulations apply. So beloved guests, please send us your maximum three most beautiful high resolution pictures with picture date taken, category - happiness, fun or reflection - and tag line, and we will immediately include them in the pre-selection program. All pre-selected pictures will be added to our gallery and will be displayed on other social media.

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Celebration Re-Opening Blossoming Romduol Lodge at our Rooftop Bar

In celebration of our re-opening on August 8, Blossoming Romduol Lodge invited its business partners and their spouse to our “BRL Re-Opening Party”. And what a party it was. First and foremost we feel truly grateful that business partners from all over Cambodia, as far as Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, drove all the way to Siem Reap to join our party.

of the excellent relationships the management of Blossoming Romduol Lodge have maintained over the years, and still have, with everybody. We also feel extremely flattered with the very positive feedback we received from everybody about the renovated hotel, and especially about the new rooftop bar “Heaven Above”. Feedback like “what a great place to hang out”, “it is really romantic” and “all our guests will truly enjoy it” sound like sweet music to our ears. The party itself for sure is one to remember for a long time to come. See our Album on Facebook for a selection of the pictures of the wonderful night.

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Our Garden Pond with Ferris Wheel

When visiting Siem Reap and its magnificent temple complexes you will personally experience the exquisiteness of Apsara, who are beautiful, supernatural female beings that are youthful, elegant and superb in the art of dancing. Thus beauty in its ultimate form.

Earlier this year we had a special visitor in our hotel who during her visit to Siem Reap took the opportunity to dress and make up like Apsara. The results were absolutely stunning.

When we asked her how she felt during the making up, dressing and picture taking, Kanyarat Tasorat shared that her feeling and experience were simply beyond what words can describe, and that she sincerely felt like a princess.

Her pictures were overwhelming to us too, and made us feel that Apsara had returned to Cambodia, visiting our hotel. And that feeling is beyond words as well.

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About our name “Blossoming Romduol Lodge”

A new beginning comes with a new name, while also retaining a link to the past. Same as Angkor Western Lodge, we have chosen to leave “Lodge” in our name. It gives us a feeling of comfort to do so. The name “Blossoming Romduol” is in remembrance of Mr. Sin Sisamuth who is one of Cambodian’s most famous singers ever.As is common in many cultures, the flower also refers to a beautiful lady. 

Romduol is the national flower of Cambodia. In his song “Romduol of Siem Reap”, Mr. Sin Sisamuth sings in poetry-style how he head over heels falls in love with a gorgeous lady who strides along the banks of the Siem Reap river, and the steps he pursues to win her over, including asking the help of two Cambodian Gods to make her love him. The legend goes that Mr. Sin Sisamuth was killed by Pol Pot himself during the times of the Khmer Rouge. Please enjoy Sin Sisamuth's cover of The Beatles' classic "Hey Jude".

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Goodbye Bamboo Bar, Golden Fish and Angkor Western Lodge. Hello Blossoming Romduol Lodge!

For all of you who enjoyed your stay at the Bamboo Bar, Golden Fish and Angkor Western Lodge, which were all famous for their enormous friendliness towards guests, we gladly welcome you to our completely renovated Blossoming Romduol Lodge.We have taken feedback we received from our visitors over the years very seriously – we thank all of you for sharing this with us! – and have added some of our own dreams as well.

Besides, having a spacious hotel at a great location have allowed us to do wonderful things.Jackie, who was the Manager of Bamboo Bar and Golden Fish, is now the Manager of Blossoming Romduol Lodge. Nevada, who was the Manager of Angkor Western Lodge, visits us frequently while ardently sharing his passions and experiences. All in all we have a great team of wonderful people in and around Blossoming Romduol Lodge that is determined to make your stay with us truly one of happiness, fun and reflection. Via our feedback form, which you will find at our reception, our contact form and via tripadvisor we encourage you to continue to provide us with feedback, which is anything we can do better, and suggestions, which is anything we don't do, but should or could be doing. It will simply allow us to be the best place in Siem Reap for our guests to stay. That’s our ultimate dream!

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